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TKO are widely recognised as a non-traditional education and engagement provider.  We really do stand out from the crowd. Having travelled the globe our team of high profile mentors share genuine life experiences, transferrable skills and a passion to support all we work with achieve great things. Often it just needs unlocking...and we have the key!

Our Approach


We understand that the typical classroom learning environment isn't for everyone. That's why we don't offer it! 

Not everyone is great with a pen and paper...so we try our best to avoid those too!

What we offer is a suite of quality programs that excite, engage and that will help you get to where you need to be quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success.

Why Us?


TKO delivers high impact events that create timely opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds and circumstances.

Every event is tailored to the participants and desired outcomes.

These are not your usual classroom training sessions! 

Ours is a person-centred motivational approach.

We achieve rapid, deep engagement via our key 

TKO Ambassadors working alongside the group, inspiring individuals and generating ambition;

how many people can say they played football with a 

Premier League Footballer or trained with a

Team GB Olympian?

By creating a safe, trusting and fun environment individuals feel confident to explore their goals, discuss their ambitions and understand how their choices and actions impact these.

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